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Sturdipost® Columns

Sturdipost Box Column

Our new Sturdipost® columns are designed with safety and ease of installation in mind.

By replacing a standard 4″ x 4″ treated post with our new 3″ x 3″ aluminum core we’ve doubled the columns structual integrity and reduced it’s weight by half.

All Sturdipost® column shells are made from strong cellular PVC technology. This gives the flexibility and beauty of wood, but cellular PVC will not rot, mold, warp, twist, or bow like conventional wood. Our cellular PVC shell is also impervious to termite and insect damage. PVC can also be painted to fit your design needs.


What Makes Sturdipost Different

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Afco Industries

AFCO Fiberglass Columns

Afco Fibergalss Column

AFCO’s line of FIBERGLASS COLUMNS will enhance a home or business with not only style and elegance, but will also provide years of maintenance-free service. They are easy to install, and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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AFCO Aluminum Columns

Afco Aluminum Column

AFCO ALUMINUM COLUMNS are available in 6 different styles and 7 different colors.Optional non-structural, wrap-around designs are also available, as well as matching pilasters or half-columns for entrances.

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Crown Column

Fiberglass Columns by Crown Column

Crown Column

Fiberglass columns from Crown Column are a satisfying combination of modern-day technology and low maintenance care. Each column shaft is produced with the lower one third straight and the upper two thirds tapered, creating a correct architectural entasis. Entasis, attributed to ancient Greek architecture, is the slight convex curving of the column shaft resulting in a most pleasing appearance.  Quality materials, excellent workmanship and aesthetic appeal make Crown Column products an exceptional value.

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Porch Posts, Columns & Post Wrap

Fypon ColumnsFypon® structural porch posts and columns provide the perfect combination of classic beauty and strength. Our porch posts and columns are designed to be beautiful, as well as strong, with high-density polyurethane construction and structural reinforcement. Alternatively, if you’ve already met the structural requirements of your project, Fypon decorative wraps can add the perfect finishing touch.


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