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LYF-TYM Manufacturing

Downspout & Elbows

What makes LYF-TYM the BEST choice for all of your guttering needs?

LYF-TYM short Downspout 2

2″x 3″ / 3″x 4″ Downspout

Manufactured locally at our Raincarrying Plant with over 44 years of experience and knowledge of raincarrying products.

LYF-TYM gutter systems are backed by a strong warranty.

We use only top quality forming coil.

True 8’ Downspout available in High-Gloss White, 2×3 & 3×4 sizes.

True 10’ Downspout and all elbows available in 2×3 & 3×4 sizes in a variety of colors.

LYF-TYM short A, B & 30 ELbows 2

2″x 3″ / 3″x 4″ Elbows A, B & 30°

The lock and crimp system on our downspout and elbows are tighter creating an unbreakable seam.

LYF-TYM elbows are side crimped instead of corner crimped for a secure fit.

Uniform 75 degree bends in our elbows make installation consistent.




Gutter Color Chart, 18 Colors Available

pdficon_smallGutter Coil Thickness Chart

Profiles and Colors

Pipe Bands

LYF-TYM short 10 & 12 Pipe BandsPipe Bands 10″ or 12″ and are available in all gutter colors.




pdficon_smallGutter Color Chart, 18 Colors Available

Profiles and Colors


Aluminum Gutter Components

Gutter Components by Variform – Providing you with superior gutter products.


5″ & 6″ Inside & Outside Box Miters            5″ & 6″ Inside & Outside Bay Strip Miters

5″ & 6″ Inside & Outside Strip Miters          5″ & 6″ Left & Right End Caps


pdficon_smallGutter Color Chart, 18 Colors Available


Profiles and Colors

Aluminum Gutter Coil

Our 5″and 6″ gutter coil is available in .027 and .032 inch nominal thickness and finished on one side, available in white or a wide variety of colors to complement siding and accessories.

Variform Gutter Coil 2Exclusive, industry leading finish

This revolutionary two-coat finish combines a rust-inhibiting primer and ultra-tough, low-mar topcoat on both sides of the coil.

No paint, no hassles

Once installed, under normal use, should never require paint or stain, so harmful VOC’s aren’t released into the atmosphere.


Seamless gutter coil is sustainable and recyclable

pdficon_small20-year warranty

pdficon_smallAvailable Gutter Coil Colors

Profiles and Colors

US Aluminum Inc.

Hangers, Outlets & Gutter Wedges

U.S. Aluminum is a leading manufacturer of quality rain gutter accessories.


5″ &  6″ Quick Screw Hanger          5″ &  6″ Gutter Wedges

2 3/8″ Round Outlet                          2″ x 3″ Rectangular Outlet

3″ x 4″ Rectangular Outlet              3″ x 4″ Oval Outlet

Profiles and Colors

New Holland Engineering

5" & 6" Hidden Hanger

5″ & 6″ Hidden Hangers with back clipLYF-TYM short Hidden Hangers

Profiles and Colors

Berger Building Products

Copper & Aluminum Gutter Components

Berger Copper GutterBerger Copper Gutter Systems add curb appeal and lasting value to any home. Berger copper gutter is available in both the popular “K Style” and the traditional “Half Round” profiles. With gutter widths ranging from 5″ to 8″ and an extensive line of components and accessories, there’s a Berger Copper Gutter System to fit your home.


pdficon_smallCopper & Aluminum Gutter Components

pdficon_smallArchitectural Copper Conductor Heads

pdficon_smallBerger Product Catalog

Profiles and Colors


Heavy Duty 4" Drain Pipe


Hancor 4 in. PipeHeavy Duty pipe is perfect for  foundation/window well drainage, downspout / landscape overflow. Sold in 10′ lengths.


Profiles and Colors

Downspout Adapters

Downspout Adapters available in 3″ and 4″ sizes.LYF-TYM short PVC Drain Adapter

Profiles and Colors


Ruscoe 12-1 Seam Sealer

Ruscoe’s 12-1 Seam Sealer is recommended for sealing openings less than 1/8 inch. It can be used as an effective sealant against water, chemicals, air and dirt for sealing seams in gutters, downspouts, roof and chimney flashings, animal feeders and troughs, wood, concrete, ceramic, brick, metal, stone, masonry, marble and glass. Ruscoe’s 12-1 Seam Sealer is recommended for sealing horizontal seams only.


pdficon_smallRuscoe 12-1 Seam Sealer Brochure

Profiles and Colors

Ruscoe Permanent Sealer

Permanent Sealer– 4 Oz. Tubes
Tube Grade PS is a thinner viscosity sealant for small seams and will flow into the smallest openings.


pdficon_smallRuscoe Permanent Sealer Brochure

Profiles and Colors


Siroflex Gutter and Seam Sealer

Siroflex Gutter & Seam Sealer


Gutter and Narrow Seam Sealer forms a water tight seal in gutters, and narrow seams. All weather application, including through standing water.


pdficon_smallGutter & Seam Sealer Technical Data Sheet

Profiles and Colors


GS 121

OSI GS-121 single


A gutter & seam sealant designed especially for sealing aluminum, galvanized and vinyl clad gutters and downspouts.


pdficon_smallGS 121 Technical Data Sheet

Profiles and Colors


Geocel 2320/2321 Construction Tripolymer Gutter and Narrow Seam Sealant

2320 /2321 Gutter and Narrow Seam Sealant is a single-component, elastomeric, semi-self-leveling, high performance tripolymer sealant designed to prevent the passage of air and moisture through small joints or seams.

pdficon_smallGeocel 2320/2321 Construction Sealant Information Sheet

Profiles and Colors


Gutter Fasteners

LYF-TYM short Screws ZipWe carry a variety of fasteners for your guttering needs.


  • Painted Zip Screws
  • Aluminum Pop Rivets
  • Gutter Hanger Screws
Profiles and Colors

New Tech Machinery

Gutter Machines

Mach II Gutter Machines

The “Original” polyurethane drive system. VERSATILE..INNOVATIVE..DEPENDABLE..PROFITABLENew Tech Combo Gutter Machinev2

New Tech Machinery’s patented Mach II has taken the seamless gutter industry to a new level. The only way to compete in the gutter forming business is to own a Mach II. Don’t get stuck with an imitation.

Our warranty covers:

Three years parts / Three  years labor

Limited lifetime separation on drive rollers

Limited lifetime on stainless steel forming rollers


pdficon_smallNew Tech Machinery Mach II Brochure

Profiles and Colors

LYF-TYM Building Products

Spray Paint

LYF-TYM short PaintTOUCH-UP SPRAYS, available for all of your gutter projects.

Profiles and Colors


Splash Blocks

LYF-TYM Splash BlockTraditional style made from recycled plastic is an economical way to prevent erosion on your lawn and in your garden, while protecting your foundation from leakage and cracks by directing the water flow away.

Width : 11.25”  Length : 23”  Height : 2”  Approx Weight : 1.9#’s

Profiles and Colors