Siroflex DUO-SIL®

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High Performance, One Component, Urethane Acrylic Emulsion Sealant and Adhesive. Non-Hazardous, Non-Flammable, and Mildew Resistant.

DUO-SIL® is a special formulation of urethane and acrylic emulsion formulated for the professional applicator which can be used as an adhesive or caulking compound for commercial and residential construction. Our pre-formulated colors have been created to work with leading vinyl siding manufacturers. 


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Siroflex SIR-O-SIL 25™

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SIR-O-SIL 25 has been specifically designed for fast curing and excellent adhesion to non-porous surfaces such as glass, metals and ceramics. SIR-O-SIL 25 is a highly flexible silicone sealant which accommodates joint movement of +/- 25 percent.


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Siroflex Gutter and Seam Sealer

Siroflex Gutter & Seam Sealer


Gutter and Narrow Seam Sealer forms a water tight seal in gutters, and narrow seams. All weather application, including through standing water.


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OSI Quad Caulk

QUAD is the preferred cold weather construction sealant for sealing around exterior windows and doors, fiber-cement and vinyl siding, PVC trim, roofing and gutters.  It bonds without a primer to most common substrates like cedar, painted or stained woods, fiberglass, vinyl, coated aluminum, steel, metal, brick, masonry and concrete.


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Quad® Max

OSI Quad Max Caulk

QUAD MAX siding & window sealant is designed for sealing around interior/exterior windows, doors and siding. It bonds to a wide variety of materials without need for a primer such as fiber cement, cedar, brick, stone, coated aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, PVC, stucco, EIFS, wood, glass, and flashing tapes.


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GS 121

OSI GS-121 single


A gutter & seam sealant designed especially for sealing aluminum, galvanized and vinyl clad gutters and downspouts.


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Geocel 2320/2321 Construction Tripolymer Gutter and Narrow Seam Sealant

2320 /2321 Gutter and Narrow Seam Sealant is a single-component, elastomeric, semi-self-leveling, high performance tripolymer sealant designed to prevent the passage of air and moisture through small joints or seams.

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Ruscoe 12-1 Seam Sealer

Ruscoe’s 12-1 Seam Sealer is recommended for sealing openings less than 1/8 inch. It can be used as an effective sealant against water, chemicals, air and dirt for sealing seams in gutters, downspouts, roof and chimney flashings, animal feeders and troughs, wood, concrete, ceramic, brick, metal, stone, masonry, marble and glass. Ruscoe’s 12-1 Seam Sealer is recommended for sealing horizontal seams only.


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Ruscoe Permanent Sealer

Permanent Sealer– 4 Oz. Tubes
Tube Grade PS is a thinner viscosity sealant for small seams and will flow into the smallest openings.


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Pactiv Fanfold Underlayment Q Series

When every penny counts, you can rely on the performance of our most economical fanfold siding underlayment. The Q-Series products have an extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) core with high-impact polystyrene capsheets on both sides, which make it one of the most durable products currently available. These products are also perforated to allow potentially harmful moisture vapor to escape so that it does not become trapped in the wall.

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Barricade Building Products

Barricade ® Building Wrap

Barricade House WrapNow your home has a powerful ally against air infiltration and weather: Barricade® Building Wrap. Join the numerous builders already using Barricade, and stop air infiltration and the weather in its tracks.


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Vycor® Plus Window & Door Flashing

Provides superior protection against water, air and moisture infiltration in window and door openings, corner boards, under stucco finishes, masonry walls and other flashing areas. It is designed to work in severe winter climates, milder climates, and in Grace Vycor Pluscoastal areas where wind driven rain is common. It should not be used on roofs. Grace Vycor® Plus is ideal for sealing joints, seams, holes, and other unwanted openings in wall sheathing systems. It is 25 mil thick and compatible with wood, plywood, oriented strand board, concrete and masonry and fully adheres to the substrate to prevent water from passing through and into the substrate.



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Variform Aluminum Trim Coil

Variform aluminum trim coil cuts clean, bends sharp, lays flat

Variform Trim Coil

  • Meets or exceeds the highest aluminum specifications for grade, hardness and temper
  • Tension-leveled for dimensional accuracy; no ripples, waves or oil canning
  • Uniform surface; excellent forming characteristics
  • Straight, consistent edges
  • 24″ width in 50′ rolls
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Independent Nail

Independent Trim Nails

Trim Nails Original-EditHigh quality painted trim nails for use with trim coil, soffit and fascia. Available painted in many fifferent colors – prematched to coil manufacturers’ colors. These nails have a checkered head – Specifically designed to hold more paint than a flat head.

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Roofing Nails

Roofing Nails 5 lb.We carry a variety of roofing nails from 1 1/2″ to 2″ in

5, 25 and 50 pound boxes.

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Dimensional Lumber

We carry SPF lumber in several sizes for your framing and boxing needs.

1 x 4 – 12′    1 x 6 – 12′

2 x 4 – 12′   2 x 6 – 12′


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LYF-TYM Building Products

Spray Paint

LYF-TYM Spray Paint croppedTOUCH-UP SPRAYS, available for all of your gutter projects.

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