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ClimaForce Insulated Siding

ClimaForce insulated vinyl siding from Variform not only adds a thick layer of insulation around your home, it gives the outside of your home the look and feel of solid wood siding. With added insulation, you can reduce your home energy costs and enjoy a quieter, more comfortable living environment. It’s a smart investment that pays you back with a lifetime of energy efficient, low-maintenance beauty.

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Vortex Extreme

When the weather turns ugly, Vortex Extreme performs beautifully. High winds can strike anywhere, in all kinds of storms, with powerful gusts that pull at your siding and threaten your home’s exterior. With Variform Vortex Extreme vinyl siding, we’ve engineered a panel designed to fight these threats effectively. Designed in Tornado Alley, Vortex Extreme withstands wind loads up to 225 mph. It’s the result of what we call “Weather Warrior” Technology – a combination of innovative design, quality materials and a standard of excellence second to none. Vortex Extreme not only performs beautifully, it is available in a wide variety of colors allowing you to make your own unique statement.


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Camden Pointe

With Camden Pointe from Variform, aesthetic appeal and state-of-the-art engineering combine to create a beautiful, premium siding panel that’s practically weatherproof, fade-resistant and visually dramatic. Panels are extra-thick and feature Variform’s patented Pointe-Lock system, which makes them rigid and durable for season after season of protection. And with several colors and four profiles, design choices abound ensuring you achieve the curb appeal you desire. Whether you prefer a traditional look or making a real statement, you will find it with Camden Pointe.

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Nottingham from Variform features a deep wood grain emboss that recreates the look of rough sawn cedar. With its double staggered nail hem and deep shadow lines, Nottingham provides superior strength that will protect your home beautifully.

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Ashton Heights

Ashton Heights from Variform recreates the look of real wood siding with its shallow embossed wood grain texture. The double staggered nail hem of Ashton Heights ensures a snug installation and provides you peace of mind that your home is protected from the elements for years to come.

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Contractor's Choice

Contractor’s Choice from Variform offers a combination of quality, value and great looks. Intricate wood-grain embossing gives you the natural appearance you desire, while a variety of contemporary colors provide you with plenty of options for customizing the appearance of your home.

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Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor beaded siding captures the beauty, detail and craftsmanship of a bygone era. The graceful beaded edge creates unique shadow lines that add an extra dimension to the siding’s elegant profile. And the finish is superb – a fine satin brushstroke that gives the appearance of freshly painted wood.

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CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding

The Perfect Balance of Beauty and Performance

CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding provides the added strength and thermal benefit of rigid foam insulation with easy maintenance. Dressing your home in CedarBoards is like wrapping your family in a cozy blanket. Inside you will enjoy a quieter, more comfortable home. Outside you will appreciate the authentic look of natural wood, enhanced by distinctive colors and finishing touches.

Certainteed Cedarboards

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CedarBoards™ XL Insulated Siding

CedarBoards™ XL…Long on Looks

CedarBoards XL panels are designed for special areas of the home where a continuous-panel appearance is preferred. The extra length of CedarBoards XL can significantly reduce seams for a smoother, more continuous look. The difference is seamlessly clear!

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The Natural Look of Painted or Stained Cedar

Whether it is a Victorian reproduction, a New England saltbox or a modern beach house get-away, we offer the rich look of natural cedar without the expense and heavy maintenance. You can create a home to be proud of with Monogram’s designer palette of over 40 siding and trim colors. Inspired by nature, these colors are designed to harmonize home and environment.
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Monogram® 46L & 46XL

The Difference is Seamlessly Clear

Extra long, extra thick Monogram® 46L & 46XL have the same great benefits as traditional Monogram, plus they reduce seams. With traditional 12′ siding panels, seams appear every two to three feet. Monogram’s longer length panels can significantly reduce seams. On a wall that’s 25′ wide, there are approximately 57 laps with a 12′ panel, with 16’panel; 40 laps (35% fewer), with Monogram 46L in 20′ length, 26 laps, with Monogram 46XL, 0 Laps!

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Restoration Classic™

Architectural Accuracy and Beauty, Performance and Durability

Restoration Classic™ provides the premium features that makes it a great choice for both remodeling and new construction.

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Carolina Beaded™

Unique Style for Traditional, Old World Charm

Reproduced from authentic hand-crafted boards, Carolina Beaded™ provides an original impression for homes of distinction. The deep “V” groove design creates a distinct shadow line between the face of the panel and the rounded bead. The low gloss, brushed finish looks like freshly painted wood.

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Design Flexibility to Meet Any Budget

MainStreet™ offers consistent quality, good looks and is the ideal choice for homeowners looking for value with the benefits of a premium panel.

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Wolverine American Legend™

Versatile Looks and Performance Over Time

Wolverine American Legend™ coordinates with Vinyl Carpentry Decorative Trim and Soffit so you can create and achieve the look you desire. Panels are available in a wide range of coordinating trim colors.

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Great Looks and Affordability

If you’re looking for vinyl siding that combines great looks and affordability, look no further than Encore™. This high quality panel is attractive, easy to maintain and surprisingly economical.

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