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Single Hung 9220 / 9200

HK Windows 9220 Single HungOur single-hung is designed with many of the distinctive looks and features found in more expensive windows. Our Single-Hung Series is a window that is appropriate for nearly any home. This popular type of window features a stationary top sash and a bottom sash that slides vertically. A terrific looking window!


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Double Hung TG 730

HK Windows TG 730 Double Hung New ConstructionThe ultimate in quality, durability, great looks and strength. In our Double-Hung Series, both sashes operate independently of each other. Both move vertically for ideal ventilation, and each sash tilts into make it easy to clean the interior and exterior glass surfaces. You won’t find a better window for the money.


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Single Slider 9224 / 9204

Our horizontal sliders are windows where the movable sash slides along the sill of the window. We
use the same locking system as our single hung which exceeds the industry standard for forced
entry. Sliders are sometimes used in bedrooms requiring egress.

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Double Slider TG 734

Double Sliders are our newest model. Most homeowners like it because of the simplicity of
its styling and operation, and its easy adaptability to so many home window situations. It’s also
widely used because of its relative ease of installation. Make your home elegant!

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Casement & Awning TG 755

A top-of-the-line casement window that offers the best in aesthetics, efficiency and durability.
Many prefer this unique window for the unobstructed views and ease of operation. Jamb hinges
allow the window to completely open for maximum ventilation & structural integrity to guard against air & water infiltration. Ideal for use above sinks or counter tops.

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Shape & Fixed Windows

HK windows offers a virtually limitless variety of standard and custom shapes and fixed windows.
Fixed windows and shapes can be used by themselves to provide beautiful views, design accents, or add extra style to a window grouping. Fixed windows do not open. Let us help customize your home.

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Ply Gem Windows

Builder Series - Vinyl Clad Wood

Ply Gem Windows 600 Double HungMore value. More performance. More solutions. If you’re looking for a window that delivers the best possible performance at the best possible value, look no further than Ply Gem Windows Builder Series.

Colors, Features and Options:

Builder Series - Wood

Ply Gem Windows 100 Double Hung Sustainable. Traditional. Ply Gem Windows Builder Series wood windows offer the environmentally-friendly, traditional elegance some homeowners are looking for.

 Colors, Features and Options:

Builder Series - Vinyl

Ply Gem Windows 1110 Single HungMore value. More performance. More solutions. Ply Gem Windows Builder Series vinyl windows provide the energy efficiency and low maintenance today’s homeowners are looking for.

Colors, Features and Options:

Pro Series - Vinyl

Ply Gem Windows Pro Series Vinyl Classic Double HungSuperior performance. Elegant craftsmanship. There’s a clear choice when it comes to finding the style and durability you want in windows. Ply Gem Windows Pro Series vinyl windows are easy-to-maintain, and offer the selection and craftsmanship homeowners are looking for.

Colors, Features and Options:

Pro Series - Vinyl Clad Wood

Ply Gem Windows 800 Double HungPro Series 800 vinyl clad windows redefine style. These windows deliver an appearance homeowners will appreciate and a low-maintenance exterior that will allow them to have more free time to live life in style.

Colors, Features and Options:

Pro Series - Wood & Composite

Ply Gem Windows 400 Double HungHistorically accurate, the Pro Series wood and composite windows provide a traditional wood window look while offering low-maintenance cellular PVC exterior and all vinyl or cellular PVC sash. energy-efficient glass and multiple exterior casing options.

Colors, Features and Options:

Premium Series - Aluminum Clad Wood

Ply Gem Windows Mira Double HungNot all windows are created equal. Designed with exquisite craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind details, Mira Premium Series aluminum clad wood windows provide color customization, energy-efficiency and long lasting quality.

Colors, Features and Options:


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Specialty Windows

Hy-Lite WindowHy-Lite®, a U.S. Block Windows Company, offers a wide selection of award-winning acrylic block windows, glass block windows and decorative glass windows that offer privacy, natural light, and fresh air to the home.


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